ENGLAND vs Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

 This is an inquiry to GERALD WARNER, Reporter,  The TELEGRAPH, UK.
I wonder if you or one of your colleagues, Solicitor friends, or a MP would challenge the “ELIGIBILITY” of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., under your Commonwealth Laws of England, to be President of the United States of America?

Our Judicial System hs been bought by the “BILDERBERGERS” and this includes the Supreme Court!  So it ain’t gonna happen here!

BHO, Jr. has stated in his ghost written book (Bill Ayers, the domestic terroist writ the book), “Dreams From My Father”, that his father was born in Kenya, Africa.  BHO, Jr. cannot deny this FACT.

According to his own statement in the book, Sharia law…and the International laws of every country…BHO, Jr. became a Muslim the moment he was born to his mother Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama and…Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. in Mobassu, Kenya and witnessed by his paternal grandmother who, is on tape, stating she was in the delivery room when BHO, Jr. was born!

Moreover, she stated, as well as the Kenya Ambassador to the USA, on tape, that a shrine was being erected in Mobassu, Kenya in the honor of the President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.!  “A NATIVE SON!”

During 1961 Kenya, Africa was under British Rule!  This means if BHO, Jr. was born on August 4, 1961 he is therefore, a citizen of the United Kingdom! AT BEST HE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE DUAL CITIZENSHIP which also disaqualifies him.

In accordance with our U.S. Constitution BHO, Jr. is NOT a  “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!”  And this means BHO, Jr. is a Fraud and has committed Treason!


Semper Fi,


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